Drywall Priming

Drywall priming is not the same as painting. Unlike paint, the main ingredient in primer is polyvinyl acetate or PVA, the same ingredient in carpenter’s glue. The primary job of primer is to seal the porous surfaces of the drywall and dried joint compound, making them more receptive to new paint. The PVA in drywall primer adheres to unfinished drywall better than paint, whereas paint adheres better to primer than it does to drywall.

Drywall primer comes in a variety grades, with some, like high-build varieties filling small nicks and ridges in drywall joints better than paint, creating a smoother, more even appearance.

When Drywall Priming is Required

Although in some situations, you may be able to get away with using a self-priming paint instead of a primer, there are other situations where primer is the only options. One of these is when you are painting over stained or water-damaged drywall. The primer will help prevent bleed-through and uneven coloring.

Other situations that require drywall priming include when you are going to hang wallpaper, or when you are repainting a wall that has a gloss coat.

Drywall Priming Experts

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